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Welcome to UC Irvine New Student Orientation!!

We are thrilled you are considering UCI as one of your college options. We have different programs for incoming Freshmen and Transfers. Please see Graduate Student Orientation if you are a graduate student.

What Program and Information is Right for Me?

Freshmen Transfers

2016 Summer Orientation Dates

July 1 Transfer Success A
July 6 Transfer Success B
July 15 - 16 SPOP 1
July 20 - 21 SPOP 2
July 25 - 26 SPOP 3
July 29 - 30 SPOP 4
August 3 - 4 SPOP 5
August 9 - 10 SPOP 6
August 13 - 14 SPOP 7
August 17 - 18 SPOP 8
August 22 - 23 SPOP 9
August 26 - 27 SPOP 10
August 26 - 27 T-SPOP
September 12 - 14 ISO

Reservation Windows

Reservations for orientation will be available online on Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 at 4:00pm for the following student populations:
  • All transfer students
  • Athletes
  • Students in the Campuswide Honors Program
  • Students registered with Disability Services
  • Veterans, Reservists, & ROTC students (except for UCI Army ROTC)
The following week, windows to make a reservation for all other students will begin opening. Windows are assigned based on the school of your current major (see the chart below). Assigning windows by school of major is the best way to keep the process fair, as students are only competing for space in programs against other students in their school.

If you miss your reservation window for any reason, you will have another chance to sign up for orientation beginning Friday, June 10 at 4:00pm, when reservations will be available for everybody.

Academic School Reservation Window Date and Time (PDT, Irvine : UTC/GMT -7 hours)
Humanities and Undecided/Undeclared Monday, June 6 at 4pm - Tuesday, June 7 at 3:59pm*
Biological Sciences, Business Administration, and Information and Computer Sciences Tuesday, June 7 at 4pm - Wednesday, June 8 at 3:59pm*
Nursing Science, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences Wednesday, June 8 at 4pm - Thursday, June 9 at 3:59pm*
Arts, Education, Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Public Health, and Social Ecology Thursday, June 9 at 4pm - Friday, June 10 at 3:59pm*

*If you miss your reservation window, reservations open for everyone beginning Friday, June 10 at 4pm until the Orientation programs pass or are full.

Click here to log-in and see your Reservation Window.


Last updated 3/28/16


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