Welcome to the UC Irvine info page for new student orientation! We are thrilled you are considering UCI as one of your college options. We have different programs for incoming Freshmen, Transfers, and International Freshmen.

There is a fee to attend each of these programs and they will be set by early Spring. See below for more basic information! The reservation process is not yet available and students will receive an e-mail in May with information on how to reserve their spot in a program.

Orientation Programs

Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP) is a comprehensive 2-day, 1-night orientation for domestic and international freshmen that includes academic advising, class registration, information on important student resources and services, social activities, and lots of opportunities to make friends.

International Student Orientation (ISO) is a 3-day, 2-night orientation specifically designed for international freshmen who did not attend high school in the U.S.  ISO includes many of the same elements as SPOP with additional information tailored to the needs of international students who are new to the U.S.

Transfer Success is a half-day orientation designed to help new transfer students make a smooth transition to life at UCI with information about UCI resources, opportunities to meet current UCI students and other new transfers, and a chance to ask all your questions before classes begin! 

Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program (T-SPOP) is a comprehensive 2-day, 1-night orientation program that includes all the elements of Transfer Success, plus many social activities and a second day of workshops on a range of helpful topics for new transfer students.

Which program is right for me?

Domestic Freshmen:
Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP) is mandatory.

International Freshmen who attended high school in the U.S.:
Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP) is highly recommended for you. If you are not able to attend SPOP, please attend the International Student Orientation (ISO).

International Freshmen who attended high school outside of the U.S.:
International Student Orientation (ISO) is mandatory.

Domestic and International Transfers:
Orientation is optional. You can choose from either Transfer Success or Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program (T-SPOP).

2014 Orientation Dates

July 1 Transfer Success A
July 11 Transfer Success B
July 16 - 17 SPOP 1
July 22 - 23 SPOP 2
July 26 - 27 SPOP 3
July 30 - 31 SPOP 4
August 5 - 6 SPOP 5
August 9 - 10 SPOP 6
August 13 - 14 SPOP 7
August 18 - 19 SPOP 8
August 22 - 23 SPOP 9
August 22 - 23 T-SPOP
September 22 - 24 ISO

Questions? Email orientation@uci.edu


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